L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch brown 75ml & Precision Instant Grey Concealer Brush Set

by L'Oréal Paris

The L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Set presents a quick (and temporary) fix for exposed roots. In the shade ‘Brown’, the bundle boasts all you need to touch-up pesky greys and faded or grown-out colour, leaving your style looking fresh. The Set Contains: Magic Retouch Brown Instant Root Concealer Spray (75ml) This innovative root touch-up instantly blends roots and greys without permanently colouring the hair. Ideal for when you can’t make it to a salon, the spray creates a more blended, fresh appearance within seconds. The multi-use root concealer is also great for those who are trying to grow out their natural colour, helping to disguise harsh banding, creating a more seamless appearance. The spray can also be used to blend the seams or clips of the extensions for a more natural look. Magic Retouch Brown Precision Instant Grey Concealer Brush (x 1) Like a mascara for the hair, the root brush comes in a tube and is applied with a brush-tipped wand for ultimate control and precision. Allowing you to discreetly and evenly conceal the look of grey or darker hairs in seconds, this topical root concealer achieves a natural-looking finish without having to break the bank or damage hair with dyes and chemicals. Ideal for people needing a quick root touch-up between appointments, the low-commitment root mascara glides through your tresses effortlessly and sets to a dry, matte finish, never leaving hair looking or feeling greasy or weighed down.

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